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Dr. Mark Jeremy Hunt received his PhD from the Dept. Pharmacology, University of Cambridge (Trinity College), researching Huntington's disease. Currently, he leads a research team at the Nencki Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, researching the effects of ketamine on brain activity. The team publish results in international peer-reviewed journals and regularly present their latest findings at conferences. 


Dr. MJ Hunt's ResearchGate profile

Recent publications:

1.    Średniawa W, Wróbel J, Kublik E, Wójcik DK, Whittington MA, Hunt MJ. Network and synaptic mechanisms underlying high frequency oscillations in the rat and cat olfactory bulb under ketamine-xylazine anesthesia. Sci Rep. 2021 Mar18;11(1):6390.

2.    Jurkiewicz GJ, Hunt MJ, Żygierewicz J. Addressing Pitfalls in Phase-Amplitude Coupling Analysis with an Extended Modulation Index Toolbox. Neuroinformatics. 2021 Apr;19(2):319-345. 

3.    Wróbel J, Średniawa W, Jurkiewicz G, Żygierewicz J, Wójcik DK, Whittington MA, Hunt MJ. Nasal respiration is necessary for ketamine-dependent high frequency network oscillations and behavioral hyperactivity in rats. Sci Rep. 2020 Nov 4;10(1):18981. 

Brief Academic CV


In 2012 Dr. MJ Hunt co-founded the academic editing and proofreading service eCORRECTOR.  eCORRECTOR provides language support to academics, whose first language is not English, and to break down any language barriers so that the results speak for themselves, and are not disadvantaged during the review process.
In 2015 Dr. MJ Hunt, co-founded MD Online, a specialist translation company. MD Online provides a variety of healthcare and biomedical translations carried out by specialized medical translators and experts in biomedicine. MD Online use all major CAT tools, including Trados, MemoQ, Smartcat, and continuously expand the list of operated formats and software.


Cambridge (PhD)

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